[OT] What's happening here in Turkey...

Ender Nafi endernafi at gmail.com
Sun Jun 16 10:13:32 EDT 2013

dave, tim and all my dear friends out there;
my sincere thanks to all of you...

i won't / can' t write long.

*last night, they emptied gezi park following erdogan's direct orders.

*the attack was brutal as always.
find the statements of claudia roth (german green party), google it, youtube it. she was there with us.

*after emptying the park, police pursued us with gas and water. they confessed that they added tear gas solution to the water they cannoned to us. it burns like hell.

* police shot gas inside the infirmaries. { geneva convention? yeah, baby, our police, our humanist heroes ;-) } they entered into the "german hospital" to arrest the wounded people. they succeeded.

* this morning, police arrested many doctors who worked voluntarily in the infirmaries and hospitals. in tv channels, they referred them as 'marginal resistors wearing white, long shirts'. THEY ARE DOCTORS, it's their uniform all over the world :))

* there are at least 150 confirmed arrests. BUT, we can't find them. you heard right. volunteered lawyers of bar search them to defend, however, all the precincts and police stations reply that they don't have anyone. WHERE ARE THEY???

the dumbness of the majority who sit at home and still believe erdogan, the $#!#$$@* - ness  of turkish media, the lies of governor and parliament and erdogan doesn't drive me crazy anymore. no, sir. i got used to :) even the pepper gas doesn't effect me, we're evolving :))

we're on the streets, still.
we're resisting peacefully, still.
we'll protect the weak, now and forever.

with my warmest regards from istanbul,
ender nafi

one more thing: the chief editor of tv channel Kanal24, Yigit Bulut, claimed that some evil international organizations are trying to kill erdogan using TELEKINESIS :)))) no, it's not a joke. *chief editor, mainstream tv, official statement* erdogan's defenders and voters are these ;-)

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