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I'm almost sure you know all that already, and I'm not sure it's the most elegant way, but I always lock the size and position of each control (lockloc) - after what you can still select them, move them with the arrows, and even align or resize them within the inspector, but not move them with the mouse.

Other way: if you control-click on a control, it will be selected, show its contextual menu and… stay solidly at its place. To select multiple controls this way, maj-control-click (but you have to click twice on each control except the first, probably to tell the contextual menu to "jump" to the next control).

If you have several controls selected in any order, the menu item "align objects" in the inspector has an option "distribute" vertically or horizontally; here you can choose "first to last selected". Only take care that first and last controls will not move, all the intermediate controls trying to stay (in selection order) between them. So you need to have space enough between first and last ones.

If they are more elegant tricks, I would be interested to learn them too.


Le 15 juin 2013 à 23:18, Dar Scott <dsc at> a écrit :

> I think somebody told me how to do this some other decade but I forgot.
> Elsewhere Jacque gave cool tip for ordering controls that involved selecting the controls in the order desired.  
> Well, I am so poorly coordinated that I move the control.  
> Is there a cool way to select controls without dragging them?
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