Peter Haworth pete at
Sat Jun 15 00:33:20 EDT 2013

I'm sorry to have to post this somewhat angry post.  There's a thread on
the engine contributors forum regarding whether it's necessary to return
synonyms from the proposed changes to the propertynames function.  SInce
not everyone reads that forum, I'm posting it here.  You can read the prior
posts on the forum.
OK guys, well I guess I'm disappointed at the closemindedness you're
exhibiting, seems in direct contradiction of "open source".  Just because
you can't figure out why someone would want to do something doesn't mean
that someone out there DOES want to do it.  Why would you build a brick
wall around something that prevents someone from getting hold of a specific
piece of information that is an inherent part of Livecode?  SYnonyms exist,
there should be a way of finding out about them.

Mark - you're misquoting what I suggested.  The key word you omitted is
"optional".  I did not insist that synonyms be returned, just that there be
an OPTION to get them.  Why does that cause you such a problem?  You don't
want them?  Then don't request them, simple as that.

Think about SQL - the entire structure of an SQL database is available to
anyone who wants to discover it.  Do you think the implementors thought
"oh, nobody would ever want THAT piece of information?"  No, they made
everything available so that anyone who had a need for it could have access
to it.

So go ahead, implement what YOU think is best, I don't have any more time
to waste on this.

lcSQL Software <>

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