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Monte Goulding monte at sweattechnologies.com
Fri Jun 14 03:05:11 EDT 2013

On 14/06/2013, at 4:10 PM, Thierry Douez wrote:

> ​Umm, is that too much asking where we can find this new sdk ?

It's in the github repo for livecode... a folder named lcidl

To get it working on OS X you need to create an iOS external project then add a bundle target. However to get a version of livecode that doesn't hang when you use LCObjectPost or a tailed handler then you need to cherrypick this commit from runrevmark: https://github.com/runrevmark/livecode/commit/f363f333ee05b8429019b7564719e399268cd830

Hopefully that will be merged into LC 6.1 ;-)


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