[OT] What's happening here in Turkey...

Paul Maguire me at paulmaguire.me
Mon Jun 10 08:05:46 EDT 2013

On 9 Jun 2013, at 16:34, Richmond wrote:
>>  And it must be stopped.
> And why, forbye?

Because it's delusional affectation of the highest order. And rather silly. And there shall be no silliness here, for this is a place where silliness has no abode.

> If you think that I am going to apologise that I went to a public school you've got
> another thing coming.

I went to a private secondary school taught by Jesuit ex-Oxford dons. Wasn't too bad - I had the pleasure of being taught Latin and Ancient Greek, unlike many of my unfortunate contemporaries, alas.

> The fact that most Mummies and Daddies who did not send their little sprogs to public school was only because they couldn't stump up
> the moolah, or the sprogs were too thick to pass a scholarship exam, or they suffered from Tony Benn disease is conveniently overlooked.
> To which it is time to cry "Top Hole, Old Bean" and make the best of the advantages God, one's filthy rich parents or a scholarship gave one!

You're making this up 'innit? You're actually sitting in your underpants in a council estate in Leith, about to nip out to the local Spar for a Pot Noodle for lunch.


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