Works in IDE, doesn't work in standalone (revisited)

Graham Samuel livfoss at
Mon Jun 10 03:42:58 EDT 2013

Yes, Richard, I really want to do this - it's really the only way forward that makes real sense. Unfortunately it is proving difficult, since the design of this app (not originally mine) is somewhat convoluted, which means teasing out the essentials of the problem (without making it disappear along the way) is rather a long process. I suspect that, when I finally do get a repeatable sample stack, I will simultaneously be able to see what the problem really is. It's just a bit of a slog. Anyway thanks for the interest and I hope to get back to the list fairly soon.


On 10 Jun 2013, at 00:33, Richard Gaskin wrote:

> Graham, do you have or can you conveniently create a reasonably simple stack that illustrates the problem which we can review?
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