[OT] What's happening here in Turkey...

Ender Nafi Elekçioğlu endernafi at gmail.com
Thu Jun 6 19:31:52 EDT 2013

Thank you, your moral support {I mean all of you wise people out there} is important to us, thank you.

I saw many tourists who defended Gezi Park with us against all that tear gas and police brutality.
That wasn't their cause, that wasn't their country, that wasn't their trees.
A couple of them, even, caught by police and likely to be deported; unfortunately.
They were real heroes.
Coming to Turkey just for sight-seeing but eventually defending the nature with us, arm-to-arm, hand-to-hand.
They are heroes, indeed.

*Anarchy* is suffered from a deliberate semantic shift.
It's perceived as a bad word, like a *post-apocalyptic hell*.
In fact, it's not.
Gezi Park is the proof of it.
{check the pictures at the link in my last post, again}

Leaders and strong people are mostly not humanitarians {I exclude Chavez, he's awesome}.
Because leading people or gaining power {economic, politic, etc.} needs an endless, greedy ambition.
Most humanitarians lack this greed.
We're like smurfs or hobbits.
We love trees.
Raising trees don't bring money; rising skyscrapers and malls does :/

We don't want to fight.
Hobbits don't have much chance to the orcs or uruk-hai's.
But then again, it was Frodo who has brought the ring to the mount doom and thrown it into the fire :)

A little hope bushed out in me after this incident in Turkey.
A hope for my children and grandchildren.
Maybe they can live in a carbon-free world, where skyscrapers and sequoia's rise to the sky together...

With warmest regards from Turkey,

~ Ender Nafi

~… together, we're smarter & stronger …~

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