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Hi Mike,

Just now I have to see you post to this list questions.
And I already have made 2 answer to you private
I believe that answers are fine for community also to be archived.
I will resend them now here also.

>> I'm messing with Valentina right now for doing reporting/etc.
>>  Does anybody have any other tools they'd recommend for SQLite/MySQL?
> Hi Mike, 
> I believe reporting falls into two camps when it comes to RAD tools like
> LiveCode, irrespective of the actual reporting features:
> On one hand, you might have a native code based solution, where you hand
> make your own or someone has delivered a solution that incorporates native
> LiveCode controls.
> Then there are externals (like Valentina Reports ADK), which bring their own
> toolkit to the mix. It provides its own controls for the reports themselves
> (set up with Valentina Studio Pro), and these then bound to various queries
> from the database you elect to use.
> You might also want to consider how well reports scale to other platforms,
> like server implementations. Our Valentina Reports projects can, with a
> little tweaking, be used with Valentina Server. Valentina Server
> incorporates both native Valentina DB and Reports, and the Reports side can
> work with other databases other than just Valentina (like MySQL, Postgre,
> etc).

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