Getting Kanji from a .csv file

Phil Davis revdev at
Wed Jun 5 23:42:42 EDT 2013

Hi Howard,

 From one unicode-ignorant soul to another -

Devin's explanation about LC & Unicode got me started:  -- the good part 
is about a third of the way down

Using this info + LC's various unicode functions + the styledText of a 
field, I was recently able to paste multi-line Arabic text correctly. If 
I can do that, you can do Kanji. Really! It reads left-to-right doesn't it?

Best -

On 6/5/13 7:23 PM, Howard Bornstein wrote:
> I have a client who wants me to do some processing on a spreadsheet file
> that has been saved in .csv format. One of the fields contain either
> English or Japanese. When I look at the fields with the Japanese, it looks
> like gibberish. It does not display as Kanji.
> I believe the full data is still there because if I open it up in Numbers,
> the Kanji is displayed correctly. However, I need to use the .cvs file to
> process and I can't, for the life of me, make the Kanji appear.
> I am *way* in over my head here with regards to different languages. I
> assume this is a unicode issue but I am completely ignorant in this area.
> My question is: how can I take a .cvs file, which contains some Kanji text
> but doesn't display as Kanji, and convert it so that, as a text file, it
> displays as Kanji again. I don't care where this conversion takes place--I
> am doing a bunch of other processing of the file in LC so it can be
> anywhere in the process. I'm not doing anything with the Kanji itself
> except displaying it.
> I'd appreciate any help but if it involves unicode, please assume you are
> talking to an imbecile.

Phil Davis

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