Mac OS X standalone settings CFBundleVersionString = CFBundleShortVersionString

Martin Koob mkoob at
Wed Jun 5 13:53:50 CDT 2013

I am setting the version for my Mac OS X application and I noticed that there
is not a way to set theCFBundleVersion.  

In the standalone application settings for Mac OS X there are the following

Short Version = CFBundleShortVersionString which is  supposed to be "a
string comprised of three period-separated integers"
Long Version = CFBundleLongVersionString 

There is not a field to enter the Bundle Version string.
CFBundleVersionString = this is supposed to be a build number whether it is
released or not

When I look at the pList generated by standalone builder I see that the
CFBundleVersionString is set to be the same as the

>From researching this a bit I have found that a version and build such as
MyApp 2.1.1 (91) should have the following in the pList

CFBundleShortVersionString = 2.1.1 = released version
CFBundleVersionString = 91 = build

Should this be changed in the standalone builder?

I keep track of builds by using the format in the 'Short Version'
in the pList it shows up as
CFBundleShortVersionString =
CFBundleVersionString =

Is this the way it should be done or should the standalone builder be
changed to add a bundle version string field?

I notice that LiveCode uses this practice
LC Version 6.0.2  has the following in the pList
CFBundleShortVersionString = 6.0.2-rc-1.1520
CFBundleVersionString = 6.0.2-rc-1.1520

There doesn't seem to be any problems from the way LiveCode saves these
strings in the build.  It looks like you can put anything in the string, so,
should I worry about it or should this be added to QA as a bug or feature

There is one bug in the runrevQA #6202 which asked for the
CFBundleVersionString to be set to the CFBundleShortVersionString.  It looks
like that was done(the bug was not closed though)



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