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Hi Tom,

If you don't need to send any binary data (that includes unicode text) 
then you have no need for JSON (or XML for that matter). You'll need to 
make sure that everybody understands what type of data you're going to 
use, though, and what the record and item delimiters are.

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On 6/3/2013 22:37, Thomas McGrath III wrote:
> OK, So I have some developers creating a server solution for my Push needs and they wanted me to send them JSON posts but I had never done that before and asked here on the list a few days ago about the JSON library. Well they said they can now remove the need for JSON and provide me a new API for simple form data BUT the question I have is "Is it better to go the JSON route from within a Livecode Mobile app or should I go for the easy way out and have them change the API?"
> I don't mind learning something new but since it was new to me I didn't want to spend the time at first but now I am second guessing.
> Any advice???
> Thanks
> Tom

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