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I sped-read your comment, and answered generically. You might say that I answered for the number "4", with only "20,10,5,1" as options.

But all the several solutions sent to Mark ran from high denominations to low. So two "3's" would appear before it was ever an issue to load a bunch of 1's. The minimum number of coins was always the result.

Craig Newman

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The question was
> Determine the minimum number of coins for change.
so the correct answer here would be 2 coins (3+3) rather than 6 coins 

That's what makes this a more challenging case, but probably without as 
elegant an answer ...

-- Alex.

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> Paul.
> As six pennies. As long as you have a "1", you should be OK.
> Craig Newman
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>> From: Mark Wieder
>>> Now how would you do it if the available coin values were:
>>>          40,30,10,4,3,1
>>> That's a more interesting problem, but probably a less
>>> interesting coding
>>> test, because I think it would involve a more brute force
>>> approach, less
>>> elegance.
>> I'm missing something. Why would that be different?
> How would you represent 6?

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