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I just built a test stack with the dimensions 400px X 711px and the Mac version shows a window of 400px X 684px, the other 27 pixels are hidden because I chose to have the menu in the Mac Menubar.

The Windows version of the same stack shows a window of 400px X 711px which includes a 27 pixel menubar at the top of the window, so the effective window size is the same internally, i.e. the area to display your controls for both Mac and Win are 684px.

If you need to control the external dimensions you will have to take into account the differences between the platforms and OS versions that your stack will be used on.

The external elements can vary from OS to OS even on the same platform, consider the width too, Windows 7 adds a decoration around the outside of the stack, so the 400 x 711px becomes 414 x 747px. 

The size properties in LC only take care of the internal dimension and have an allowance for the menus, LC has no control over the external dimensions.

I just located the list Klaus published on this list recently

On 1/22/2013 11:10 AM, Klaus on-rev wrote:

> I found an older text file on my hd that might get you started.
> Copy to a new text document and view in a monospaced font, values in pixel:
>    OS        Platform  SystemVersion  Title Bar LeftSide RightSide Bottom
> Windows 95    Win32       4.0            24        4        4        4
> Windows 98    Win32       4.10           24        4        4        4
> Windows XP    Win32       NT 5.1         30        4        4        4
> Mac OS 9      MacOS       9.2.2          22        6        7        6
> Mac OS X      MacOS       10.2.6         22        1        1        1

I can add:
Windows 7    Win32       NT 5.(?)         29        7        7        7
Mac OS X     MacOS       10.7.5           22        0        0        0

Hope this helps.


On 2013-01-30, at 8:54 PM, Charles Szasz wrote:

> Mark,
> The minheight of the stack is not set in my stack. Any other suggestions? Anyone?
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