Change one data grid row from another

Gerry Orkin gerry.orkin at
Wed Jan 30 16:21:27 CST 2013

Peter, thanks - got me headed in the right direction. I'm doing this when I click a row:

put  the dgIndex of me into selectedRecord
put the dgDataControlOfIndex [selectedRecord] of me into selectedRecord

That gets me the group name of the row previously clicked. Now, when a new row is clicked I just reset the controls on the previously-stored group.

Easy :)



On 31/01/2013, at 4:32 AM, Peter Haworth <pete at> wrote:

> Hi Gerry,
> There may be a more official way to do this but here's one possibility.
> In your code that shows the group, store the group name for that row off
> somewhere, possibly a cprop of the datagrid group.  In the same code get
> the cprop contents and hide it.

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