Peter Haworth pete at
Sun Jan 27 20:48:02 EST 2013

I have a process that can take several seconds, maybe as long as a minute
to complete. At the start of the process, I show a hidden group that
includes progress messages and also a cancel button.

When the cancel button is clicked, the group is hidden again and I need to
find a way to stop the process at that point.

LC sees the mouse click since the group disappears but I have not been able
to find a way to stop the processing.

At various points throughout the processing, I check if the group is
visible and if so, I exit all the way out of the process - tried exit top
and cascading exits up the handler chain.  Didn't work.  Also, when I try
to check this out by stepping though with debug, the group is still visible
on the screen long after the hide command has been issued.

I also tried setting a custom property in the script of the cancel button
and checked the custom property at various points of the processing.
 Didn't work either

In both cases, I tried inserting a wait at the end of the cancel button
script but that didn't seem to make any difference.

It's entirely possible that I'm not handling this correctly in my script
but before I start delving into it further, I thought I would ask if it is
possible to deal with this situation within LC.

lcSQL Software <>

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