Controls in a stack

Peter Haworth pete at
Mon Jan 21 14:29:26 EST 2013

I have a handler that I think uses a pretty standard way of getting a list
of all the controls in a stack with nested repeat loops on the
stack/substacks, then the cardIDs in each stack, then the controls in each

It works fine but trying to see if there's a more efficient way to do it
and noticed that I can eliminate the loop on the cards within a stack with
"repeat with x=1 to the number of controls in stack tStack".  However, when
doing this, I get a count of controls that is around 1000 less than doing
it the original way, on a total count of a little over 16,000 controls.

Looking at the controls that are missed, they are almost all from stacks
that contain multiple cards, seemingly randomly missing a few from each
card.  There are also a handful that have an id of zero which I didn't
think was possible but that's another topic.

It turns out that the time it takes to get the controls this way is no
better than repeating through the cards so I won't be changing my handler,
but I'm wondering if there's a logical reason for controls being missed
like this.

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