A string is a string is a string

Cal Horner calhorner at xtra.co.nz
Fri Jan 18 17:29:49 EST 2013

I'm having a bit of a senior moment here folks.

I've looked through lots of LC and RunRev documentation and I can't find a
clear and simple definition of a string. Sometimes they have quotes around
them and sometimes they don't. So what's the difference between a string and
a literal?

OK, now that you've had a good laugh,; hear me out.

Using "selectedObject" I've extracted the long ID and the object name from
the selected object.

The name comes through as object type and "Object Name".  So programatically
 the code will know what kind of object I've selected and what it has been
named when the time comes to use it. I strip word 1 (the object type) out of
the returned selection info and place it into a variable. This is to be used
to determine which object I want to work on. Then I strip what is left (the
object name) out and place it into a variable.

But when I try to access the object name variable the IDE says it can't find

I've tried the object name variable with quotes around it and I've tried it
without quotes. Still no luck.

Any hints, ideas or solutions?


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