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It's been a long time since I dealt with this, but last I checked, MPEG1
and maybe MPEG2 worked cross platform.

As Mark said, file extension doesn't always correspond with the encoding
of a video file. If you have control over the format of the videos to
played, then you should have no trouble.  But if you have to be able to
playback media any from any source, you may need a more robust solution
than what LiveCode offers.


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On 1/17/13 2:58 PM, "J. Landman Gay" <jacque at> wrote:

>I've been testing in Windows 7 without QuickTime installed to see how
>video and audio files work in a player object. Some formats that work
>fine in WMP will not work in LiveCode. The same files that fail in
>LiveCode also fail in the preview panel in Explorer. But they do work in
>WMP itself.
>I didn't test all types, just what I had on my drive. These work fine in
>.avi -- doesn't really work; audio only, very poor quality
>These do not work at all in a player (or in the preview panel in
>Explorer.) They simply do not load:
>In the Media Player app itself, all the above formats play perfectly. I
>did not need to download any extra codecs, not even for .mov files.
>For the two that work in LiveCode, all player-related functions seemed
>to be okay. I could start, stop, get the duration, get/set the
>currentTime, etc. I didn't test any messaging, like callbacks.
>I need a video format that will play in Windows without QT. Which of the
>many others should I look at?
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