Strange contents of long name

Alex Tweedly alex at
Wed Jan 16 16:36:56 EST 2013

It's worse than that. The problem still happens with the following test 
> on mouseup
>    ask "new text"
>    put it into field "F"
>    put the Id of field "F"  && the long name of field "F" & CR after msg
> end mouseup
So I can both see the text appear in the field, and then see its ID and 
long name
Then change the layers to put the group after the field, and the script 
affects the other field.

I've always realized there was an issue if  the two contols with the 
same name were at the same level in the control hierarchy - but that is 
always easily avoidable, and seems (almost) acceptable since they have 
an ambiguous long name; I hadn't realized there was this issue with 
differing levels in the control hierarchy. And in this case there is no 
long name ambiguity, and there is also no guarantee of being (easily) 
able to avoid it, since you have less visibility of control names within 
"custom control" groups.

-- Alex.

On 16/01/2013 18:26, Mark Wieder wrote:
> Alex-
> I just re-read the bit about stopping at the lowest layer irregardless
> of the long name. Sheesh. Is that because you specified "of this card"
> or is it worse than that?

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