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J. Landman Gay jacque at hyperactivesw.com
Thu Jan 10 23:08:03 EST 2013

On 1/10/13 9:43 PM, As_Simon wrote:
> Hi Jacqueline,
> I've been running LC apps off flash drives for Win and Mac for about 6 years
> now and never had problems with it.  They even connect to the interweb.
> Don't recall ever having to do something special to make them "portable".
> Remember that your drive letter will change often so watch your path.
> No AutoPlay, autorun.ini doesn't launch anymore for Win, but use it for
> setting the icons.
> Oh and the whole CD partition thing is a pain so when they ask for that tell
> them no. (There is a MSKB article on it which I can find for you if you
> like). They will ask for it when they ask you if the user can erase the
> drive.

Thanks very much Simon. I got a little spooked when I googled it and 
found references to special Windows apps that would allow you to "make 
any application portable". And I found references to versions of Google 
Chrome that were specifically developed to be portable, and a few other 
apps that had "portable" versions besides the desktop ones. Not sure 
what that was all about but it made me wonder if something changed in 
Win 7 or 8.

I don't think there's any worry about the user erasing the flash drive. 
The app can be re-downloaded if necessary, and will be used by people 
who need to run it on computers in different locations. It will 
primarily be just an interface to a server on the net.

I assume Mac OS X Mt Lion will also still work? I haven't updated yet 
even though I know it is inevitable.

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