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There ought to be some kind of clause in copyrights where if a producer who is not the author or developer of something sits on it and does not produce a product from it within a certain time frame, say 5 years, the author has the right to reproduce it themselves. I'm sure it would be a legal can of worms, but this thing about sitting on something just because, even though you have no intention of ever spending another penny on it seems absurd to me. 


On Jan 3, 2013, at 7:34 AM, Graham Samuel wrote:

> Yes, it's sad that so many weren't "re-purposed" (i.e. adapted for other platforms) and so evaporated. Warner New Media did a fantastic one on a late Beethoven string quartet (Op 131) that was definitely HyperCard based. Presumably totally dead now. 
> In fact after CD-ROMs in general turned out to be not the money-makers producers had hoped for, a lot of stuff just disappeared. For months I have been trying to negotiate with a US publisher who produced a very elaborate CD-ROM on a literary theme which can still be run on Mac OS 9 but is otherwise invisible. They are sitting on all the rights to the materials. I want to re-write it as an iPad app (using LC, what else?) but so far they prefer not to talk to me. Sad.
> Graham
> On 3 Jan 2013, at 15:16, Richard Gaskin wrote:
>> Tom Bodine wrote:
>>> Hey Colin. This holiday the kids (now grown) wanted to fire up some favorite
>>> programs on their childhood Mac. The box of wares from the 90s included a
>>> Voyager CD: "Donald Norman: Defending Human Attributes in the Age of the
>>> Machine." And there you are in the credits as programmer.  Everyone
>>> especially loves the Gallery of Unfindable Things. Makes me glad I keep an
>>> older Mac in running order.
>> In my fantasy alternate reality we all have enough time on our hands to convert the history of HyperCard-based works to LiveCode, so they can live again and for the foreseeable future.
>> I realize it's not likely, but hey, I can dream, can't I?
>> So many good works from Colin and others are lost to us each year away from machines capable of running them....
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