livecode on xubuntu 13.10

Peter Alcibiades palcibiades-first at
Fri Dec 27 06:37:32 EST 2013

I've never had a problem installing Debian, but think in your case I would
try either Debian or Slackware in a VM.  Then if it still does it with XFCE,
I'd first try changing the window manager.  You can move to metacity easily
enough - just install it, then enter 'metacity --replace' from a terminal. 
If that does not work, maybe try a completely different WM which is not
XFCE, like Fluxbox or Openbox to eliminate XFCE as the source.  Then at
least you can tie down what is going on.

Maybe even KDE too, though that is rather an heretical thought on this

I agree about Ubuntu basically being a test-bed.  Slackware has its points
but has always been a little too basic for my taste.  Debian has
disadvantages - particularly the non-free stuff, which can be a pain.  I am
running testing, which is probably not a good idea in a production
environment, but have had no more than minor irritations on upgrades to do
with privileges on usb sticks and privileges on shutdown.  Easy enough to
correct, but irritating that one has to.  I've never had a Debian install go
through and then not boot.  Maybe on one early version there was a Grub
problem?  Can't remember now, whatever, if there was one it wasn't a show

XFCE is very understandable choice.  The newer versions are nice, quick,
easy to configure, out of your way.  They have occupied the same market
niche as the old Gnome used to.

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