Managing Images in the Image Control

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Tue Dec 24 10:43:40 EST 2013

Hi Vaughn,

Am 24.12.2013 um 16:30 schrieb Vaughn Clement <vclement at>:

> Hi All
> Did you ever have a technical issue where you just could not find the
> technical support data to solve it?
> I recently asked a technical question on this forum and I did not get any
> response?
> The issue:
> 1. I am using the image control in a shared background where each card will
> have one image.
> 2. The image script to add the image performs as expected, but when I go to
> the next card and paste in an image the prior and all other cards with the
> image control shows the newly added image.
> 3. The check box for the shared background can be set to true or false and
> it does not change the image issue.
> 4. This image script is used in IOS and Android stacks.
> 5. The simulator and the live testing both resulted in the same image issue.
> 6. The placing of an image lesson in LiveCode and research found no relief
> from this issue.
> 7. The images are from the Photo Library on the device.
> 8. The storage of the image in the image control is retained for the
> current image placed when you view the cards. So it is not a case where the
> image is gone when you return to view the card.
> These are the scripts that work to show the image in the card, and does not
> retain the image at the end of the addition on the next new card.
> Stack script:
> None
> Card Script:
> None
> Button Script:
> *on* mouseUp
>   mobilePickPhoto "library" -- a second script uses the mobilePickPhoto
> "Camera" and this also works
>   *lock* screen
>   *set* the text of image "PhotoImage" of this cd to the text of the last
> image of this card -- Photoimage is the image control
>   *delete* the last image of this cd
> *end* mouseUp

not sure I get you right, but FIELDS in a shared bg can have different text 
on different cards, but images CANNOT!

So you need to take care of managing the different background images.
Well, if that is what you mean :-)

> Thank you
> Vaughn Clement



Klaus Major
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