rawKeyDown slightly cooked

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I live in the United States. All these issues would go away if everyone would just learn English.



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If I run a script like this:

on rawKeyDown RKD
    put RKD into fld "RKD"
end rawKeyDown

on Linux (UbuntuStudio 13.10) using the standard US English layout I get
the raw keycodes.

when I switch over into a Bulgarian keyboard layout I get
numbers that are:

1. not raw keycodes


2. on numToChar with them end up with Arabic letters.

Now that is a bit odd.

on changing the script to this:

on keyDown RKD
    put RKD into fld "RKD"
end keyDown

with US English I get the letters I would expect,

with the Bulgarian keyboard layout I get nothing.


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