livecode on xubuntu 13.10

Fraser Gordon fraser.gordon at
Sun Dec 22 15:57:13 EST 2013

On 22/12/2013 20:50, Martin Baxter wrote:
> I do like being able to use all the installed ram however, and 32bit of
> course can't. Livecode is probably not the only app I will have in
> memory once I get down to work.

Unlike Windows XP (which originally had, but later removed the feature
due to buggy drivers), any modern 32-bit Linux distro should support and
use PAE, a CPU feature that allows use of more than 32-bits-worth/4GB of
RAM. (Enabling PAE is in fact required on the x86 architecture for
supporting no-execute pages).

This doesn't allow for use of more than 4GB of RAM per process (unless
you're running some sort of enterprise database that uses special
techniques) but it does mean all your RAM gets used.

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