MacToISO is still confusing me

Graham Samuel livfoss at
Sun Dec 22 15:42:45 EST 2013

Thanks Fraser. That's really encouraging. I'm sure that I'll be using UniCode quite a bit when this bit of LC evolution matures.

I take it that in the example you give, one could directly display the contents of tVar to a user (by putting it into a field, for example), and that this would work cross-platform. That must be the aim, no?


On 22 Dec 2013, at 21:13, Fraser Gordon wrote:

> On 21/12/2013 22:48, Graham Samuel wrote:
>> put MacToISO(numToChar(185))
>> you don't get a pi symbol. This is not a good start.
> Hi Graham,
> I know this isn't much use to you at the moment, but we're hard at work
> adding "proper" Unicode support to the LiveCode engine. One of the
> functions that has been implemented in doing this is numToUnicodeChar
> which takes a Unicode codepoint value and turns it into a string, e.g.:
> put "The value of" && numToUnicodeChar(0x3C0) && "is approximately 3.14"
> into tVar
> Alternatively, you could just paste the pi character into the string
> literal itself as scripts and the script editor will support direct
> entry of Unicode text. With this support, dealing with Unicode strings
> is no different from working with strings using the native 8-bit
> encodings like MacRoman and ISO-8859-1.
> Regards,
> Fraser
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