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Scott Rossi scott at
Sat Dec 21 19:40:07 EST 2013

Hi Paul:

Maybe a quick-and-dirty option would work for you.

1) Create a small stack with a checkbox control named "Enable Deselect All"

2) Add this script to the checkbox:
on mouseUp
  if the hilite of me then
      insert script of this stack into front
   else remove script of this stack from front
end mouseUp

3) Add this script to the stack script:
on controlKeyDown K
   if K = "a" and the shiftKey is down then select empty
   pass controlKeyDown
end controlKeyDown

4) Name the stack something like "My IDE Enhancements" and save it.  Now
set the style of the stack to "palette", and in the message box execute
"save stack "My IDE Enhancements" to save the stack with its palette mode.

Now (hopefully) after enabling the checkbox, you should be able to use the
key combination you want to deselect any selected objects.

You could add this palette to your plugins folder, restart LiveCode, and
then configure the palette to auto-open every time you launch LiveCode
using the options under  Development > Plugins > Plugin Settings.

Happy Holidays,

Scott Rossi
Creative Director
Tactile Media, UX/UI Design

On 12/21/13 3:24 PM, "Paul Hibbert" <paulhibbert at> wrote:

>Has anybody produced a plug-in, utility or instructions for editing or
>adding shortcuts to the IDE?
>The one I would really like to add is Shift-Ctrl-A. I constantly find
>myself wishing the IDE had this shortcut for 'Edit > Deselect All' as
>many other apps do.
>I'm sure it wouldn't be too difficult to edit the menubar used in the
>IDE, but that would mean editing every new version that RR release, so I
>was hoping there may be a better way.
>It would be even better for the LC IDE to have configurable shortcuts so
>users can choose their own in prefs, I'm tempted to submit this as an
>enhancement request, I'm surprised nobody has already (AFAICS), but I
>thought it would be useful to ask the list first.
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