pasting from LibreOffice triggers unsavable loop in 6.5.1

Marty Knapp martyknappster at
Sat Dec 21 13:33:21 EST 2013

I often copy from LC and paste into a text editor (TextEdit or 
TextWrangler on Mac) then paste back into LC without a problem. I wonder 
if you're getting some invisible characters when you bring it back in 
from LibreOffice?

> I pasted a snippet from the editor to LibreOffice to do some global
> search & replace.
> I pasted it back in--and when I try to save, I get a message that the
> script was changed outside the editor, do I want to reload or cancel.
> There is no option to accept the change.
> OK, damnit, I'm trying to do it from 5.5.4 now, and it won't let me, either.
> I want control over my own code.  It isn't any of the *(^*(_ IDE's
> business where I edit it!

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