Raspberry Pi

Fraser Gordon fraser.gordon at runrev.com
Sat Dec 14 15:39:13 EST 2013

On 13/12/2013 21:24, Monte Goulding wrote:
> It sounds like you're doing this in you're spare time
Definitely my spare time. Too busy working on the wonders of Unicode
support to be otherwise!
>   you've gone from a guy sitting at the back of the conference hall in
> May to get a handle on the platform to someone spending his free time
> playing with it ;-) 
I was only hiding at the back because you LiveCode pros are so terrifying ;)
> Anyway, seeing as you love tinkering I'm wondering if Kevin discussed
> with you my ideas for squeezing LC between Scratch and Python. 
I've not heard any mention of it but I'll take a look. I'd not heard of
Scratch before but from a little investigation it reminds me very much
of the Lego Mindstorms programming language. The file format looks easy
enough to deal with but maybe more suited to implementing Scratch in
LiveCode than importing it - even with something like LiveCode, any
generated code probably wouldn't be very easy to read.

Python externals sounds interesting (though I've not much used the
language myself); ideally, a bridge would reflect the dynamic nature of
both languages - instead of binding at engine compilation time, run-time
loadable Python externals might be possible. That would be a fun experiment!

Now look what you've done and done - you shouldn't go giving me ideas or
I might actually be silly enough to try them! Problem with that is that
new and exciting ideas tend to result in half-finished existing projects
so be careful what you wish for... what originally got me into
programming was deciding to simultaneously learn C/C++ and write an
operating system kernel and it's still not finished ;)

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