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On Tue, Dec 10, 2013 at 7:55 AM, Richard Gaskin
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> But really, none of this matters much, nor is it likely to change. Anyone
> listening to Stallman knows what he means, many don't listen to him at all,
> and most lay people don't even know who he is, even though most people
> benefit from his work given the ubiquity of GNU Linux on most of the systems
> they use when they browse the Web, trade stocks, use a wifi router, and
> hundreds of other such cases every day.

AFAIK, the only "GNU/Linux" out there is Debian, and some of it's derivatives.

"Linux" is used in two senses:  the kernel, and the collection of that
kernel, perl, X, the BSD/Gnu utilities, and a gaggle of other things.
Oh, and there's RMS, who thinks it refers to the kernel and the
BSD/Gnu utilities (which would be a useless thing to install without
the others . . .)

open source is definitely not anti-capitalistic, if you google my name
and  "economics of open source software" you will find various
pre-publication versios of my paper which is the seminal work
explaining exactly when free open source licenses, such as X/BSD are
consistent with the profit motive (e.g,, Darwin and Apache), and when
viral licenses are consistent (e.g, netscape and openOffice).  Nothing
inherently pro- or anti- capitalistic involved (and, as a practical
matter, it's really free markets, not capitalistic, that's in play
here.  Either is possible without the other [free markets without
capitalism in the former Yugoslavia, capitalism without free markets
under fascism in it's various flavors.])

Oh, and for those interested in such things, the current development
version of FreeBSD (and the next release) are completely free of GPL
and similar licenses . . . (yes, not even gcc, although it can still
compile it all . . .)

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