Problem with decoding Array

Ruediger Wilhelm wilhelm.forchheim at
Tue Dec 10 12:26:05 EST 2013

Hi Mark,
thanks for your quick response!

But how would I have to implement "for binary read"?


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Hi Rüdiger,

You need to use "for binary read".

Best regards,

Mark Schonewille

On 12/10/2013 17:41, Ruediger Wilhelm wrote:
> As an LC greenhorn I am asking for advice.
> When I push the button LC quits with the message "Runtime Error ...."
> The button script contains:
> global gUsersArray
> on mouseUp
>     open file $LOCALAPPDATA &"/Fit_Reit_Data/TeilnehmerDaten.txt" for read
>     read from file $LOCALAPPDATA &"/Fit_Reit_Data/TeilnehmerDaten.txt"
until end
>     close file $LOCALAPPDATA &"/Fit_Reit_Data/TeilnehmerDaten.txt"
>     put it into tUsersEncode
>     put arrayDecode(tUsersEncode) into gUsersArray
> end mouseUp
> In debug mode I can see that tUsersEndcode contains the
> encoded string of the file TeinehmerDaten.txt which was
> written there from the stack script via on closeStack.
> When the button script is up to execute the line
> put arrayDecode(...)...  LC quits.
> I am working with LC 6.5.
> Is this a bug or am I misunderstanding something?
> Thanks for any ideas.
> Ruediger

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