AW: Very bumpy group scrolling on Android tablets

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Tue Dec 10 11:10:26 EST 2013

Hi Mark,
could it be related to the 32k limit of objects / groups, or the
imageCacheLimit? See the thread "scrolling a very large image on iOS".

Just a guess,

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> Hi,
> I'm having a problem with scrolling groups using the native scroller on
> Android devices (and possibly iOS devices). The group contains
> approximately 100 images and 100 buttons. The formattedWidth is
> approximately 2500 pixels.
> When I start scrolling the group horizontally, the first time I scroll it
> till the end is extremely bumpy. Every time, the Android tablet will warn
> me, saying that the app is frozen and asking me to force-quit or wait.
> I have managed to scroll till the end one time, everything works perfectly
> smoothly.
> When I leave the card and come back to it, it all starts from the
> again. I have to scroll till the end to obtain smooth scrolling again.
> I have added a handler that scrolls the group till the end and back after
> the openCard handler has finished running and I wait 50 millisecs with
> messages before I set the hScroll of the group to 0 again.
> I have tried every possible combination of layermodes, changing the
> layermodes of buttons, images and the group (9 different combinations).
> Nothing fixes the problem.
> Does anyone else have this bumpy experience with scrolling groups? Is
> a solution?
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