Very bumpy group scrolling on Android tablets

Mark Schonewille m.schonewille at
Tue Dec 10 10:21:31 EST 2013


I'm having a problem with scrolling groups using the native scroller on 
Android devices (and possibly iOS devices). The group contains 
approximately 100 images and 100 buttons. The formattedWidth is 
approximately 2500 pixels.

When I start scrolling the group horizontally, the first time I scroll 
it till the end is extremely bumpy. Every time, the Android tablet will 
warn me, saying that the app is frozen and asking me to force-quit or 
wait. Once I have managed to scroll till the end one time, everything 
works perfectly smoothly.

When I leave the card and come back to it, it all starts from the 
beginning again. I have to scroll till the end to obtain smooth 
scrolling again.

I have added a handler that scrolls the group till the end and back 
after the openCard handler has finished running and I wait 50 millisecs 
with messages before I set the hScroll of the group to 0 again.

I have tried every possible combination of layermodes, changing the 
layermodes of buttons, images and the group (9 different combinations). 
Nothing fixes the problem.

Does anyone else have this bumpy experience with scrolling groups? Is 
there a solution?

Best regards,

Mark Schonewille

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