How do I find the rgb values for colors defined by their name: e.g. blue, green, yellow etc.

Peter Haworth pete at
Mon Dec 9 20:10:19 EST 2013

Hi Jim,
Sent this earlier but it didn't make it for some reason.  This is a
function that some kind person on the list gave me a while back:

*function* RGBFromColorName theColor
*   if* theColor is not a color *then* *return* "Error: not a color"

   *create* invisible button

   *if* the result is not empty *then* *return* "Error"

   *set* the backgroundColor of last button to theColor

   *set* the backgroundPixel of last button to the backgroundPixel of last

   *get* the backgroundColor of last button

   *delete* last button

   *return* it

   *end* RGBFromColorName

lcSQL Software <>

On Mon, Dec 9, 2013 at 4:43 PM, James Hurley <jhurley0305 at>wrote:

> But Keven ,
> if the set is “blue”
> then the Put is “blue”
> How can for the Put into rgb?
> Jim
> n Dec 9, 2013, at 4:30 PM, James Hurley wrote:
> > The subject says it all.
> Jim,
> I think the only option is to set one of the color properties of an object
> to a named color, then examine the value of that property.
> set the backgroundColor of grc "foo" to aquamarine
> put the backgroundColor of grc "foo"
> Devin
> Devin Asay
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