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Stored procedures get you two things:
1) faster network communication because you're just calling the SP with the
parameters and allowing the server to do all the work instead of sending
the query over the net, then getting the results passed back, then
processing them, perhaps doing some more queries and sending them over the
network, getting more results from the server, etc.
2) more consistency between types of clients if they are not homogenous.
This is more important if you have teams of developers working on a
project, or interrelated projects (like ERP).
3) Potentially faster processing time because more of the work is done on
the server, which presumably has faster hardware and better processing
time.  Plus if you are deciding between doing something in LC
(single-threaded) vs. the server (multi-threaded), you may notice a

On Sat, Dec 7, 2013 at 12:54 PM, <jbv at> wrote:

> >
> > Indexing is good. You'll lose a little time on writes because of the
> > need to update the indexes, but more than make it up on reads. Can you
> > move some of the processing into stored procedures on the backend? The
> > more processing you can hand off to the MySQL server, the faster your
> > response time will be.
> AFAIR I had some bad surprises in mySQL indexes, especially fulltext
> indexes
> because of reserved words, or words so common in english that they aren't
> included in the index. The situation gets even weirder with french content
> of
> DBs when some words are used both in english & french...
> As for stored procedures, this is tempting, but maintenance gets harder
> when
> parts of the code are split between mySQL tables and LC scripts...
> jbv
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