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Vaughn Clement vclement at
Wed Dec 4 21:38:33 EST 2013

Hi All

I have 2 substacks that are doing the same thing where the image control
accepts an image from the IOS photo library into the image control, but it
is filling all of the cards in the stack with the added image. Now the
stack uses a background where the background is shared, but the data in the
card is not shared on the next new card.

In the stack script I am putting the image in the document/picture folder.

*on* openStack


*end* openStack

*on* checkData

   *set* the defaultfolder to specialfolderpath("documents")

   *if* there is not a folder "pictures" *then*

      *create* folder "pictures"

   *end* *if*

*end* checkData

I tried sharing and not sharing to see if that would fix the issue but it
still fills all of the cards. This is the script of the card that is adding
the image to the image control.

This is the button script that places the image on the card.

*on* mouseUp

   mobilePickPhoto "library"

   *lock* screen

   *set* the text of image "PhotoImage" to the text of the last image of
this card

   *delete* the last image of this cd

*end* mouseUp
-- Photoimage is the image control, the image is appearing in the control
as planned

Thank you

Vaughn Clement

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