[ANN] New LiveCode Developer Social Networking Site

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Sun Dec 1 21:45:10 EST 2013

Hi There,

LiveCodeGameDev.net is now live! After starting LiveCodeGameDeveloper I realised
that there is a need for a social/community website for LiveCode Developers.
Well, it now exists at LiveCodeGameDev.net. Despite the name, it is not
restricted to making games with LiveCode. If you are a LiveCode programmer (or
want to be one) then this site is for you.

Oh no, more fragmentation of the LiveCode community, some may think. Well, that
is not the intention. Unlike the Forums and the email LiveCode lists,
LiveCodeGameDev.net is not about posting a problem and hoping for an answer.

Instead LiveCodeGameDev.net is about more visibly (to the wider net and search
engines) sharing ideas, information and resources about game and other

* Want to make games and would like a place with a growing number of tutorials
and tips on doing it with LiveCode?

* Would like a venue to post articles about your coding adventures, but don't
have the time (or need the pressure!) of maintaining your own coder's blog?

* Found a fantastic web page related to game or LiveCode programming, and want a
place to share the link?

* Have software written in LiveCode that you want to present and get feedback

If any of these sound appealing then join LiveCodeGameDev.net today! It's free
to register, which instantly (after an email confirmation link) makes you a full
member with submission and voting privileges.

Hope to see you there: http://livecodegamedev.net, it's not just games.

Scott McDonald
"Components, Controls, Tools and Resources for LiveCode"

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