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> Hi Mark:

> I've had Copy for a little while now, but haven't been able to figure out
> if it's possible to directly share a file, without having to route people
> through the Copy web site.  Do you know if this is possible?

> The key thing for me with DropBox (and what I think is missing with most
> of the other cloud services) is (virtual) direct file access from your
> desktop.   You can share your files without having to go through any
> service.  Box, SugarSync, Google Drive (and apparently Copy) all require
> the people you share with to go through a Web page to get ahold of your
> files.  At least, from what I've been able to figure out.

> With DropBox I can make any folder on my desktop publicly accessible, and
> offer direct download of files without having to designate any special
> sharing, which is great for working with LiveCode stacks.  If any of the
> other services offer this kind of accessibility, I would love to know how
> to enable it.

Did you install the Copy desktop app?

Sharing is via a url because the shared file is in the cloud. This is
probably a good thing because you don't have to worry about the server
load on your desktop. But changes you make to your desktop file are
reflected in the cloud version, so updates are automatic. And if you
choose to allow edit and sync capability to a shared folder then a
collaborator with Copy will get updates into their local Copy folder
and you will have two-way syncing.

Doesn't Dropbox do the same thing? I thought shared Dropbox files with
other people came through When you share a Dropbox
folder with someone the syncing is done through the cloud file, rather
than setting up a peer-to-peer connection, which is what owncloud

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