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Klaus major-k klaus at
Sun Dec 1 13:29:02 EST 2013

Am 01.12.2013 um 18:54 schrieb Rick Harrison <harrison at>:

> HI Klaus and Colin,
> I got the alphaData working with the following:
> set the alphaData of image "TargetImage" of this card to the the alphaData of image "OriginalImage" of this card
> Thanks,
> Rick
> P.S.  Klaus, If you could point to a working example of the “text of the image” that would be great.  

well, nothing more than my one-liner as posted earlier :-)
set the text of image "TargetImage" to the text of img "OriginalImage"
## or simply:
put img "OriginalImage" into img "TargetImage"

Both tested with a (imported) PNG file with alpha channnekl and both lines worked as exspected!

> Thanks!



Klaus Major
klaus at

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