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Sat Aug 31 17:00:57 CEST 2013

On 8/31/13 1:30 PM, "Philip Hudson" <phil.hudson at> wrote:

> LiveCode newbie but long-time HyperCard dev here (XFCNs, network IPC,
> etc... I'd call myself a HC expert).
> Trying to do a very plain-vanilla report of a very plain-vanilla stack-
> as-database, a library catalog with five fields per card. I've looked
> and looked and all I've gleaned is that HC's just-what-I-need
> reporting is gone from LiveCode, that "open printing" remains, and
> that's about it. I've surfed and surfed, on two separate days just to
> make sure it wasn't temporarily misplaced google-fu that was holding
> me back.

Hi Philip,

Note sure what reports you want,
But may be you will find Valentina Reports to be useful
and easy to design and use.

We have prepared already few online examples:


Best regards,

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VP Engineering and New Technology
Paradigma Software, Inc

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