revOnline and Open Source

Richmond richmondmathewson at
Thu Aug 1 20:33:41 CEST 2013

On 08/01/2013 09:25 PM, Mike Kerner wrote:
> it's not the site, it was just the title of the thread and the strong
> reaction it seems to evoke.  I don't use revOnline, so I can't comment on
> it.

Well, I started the thread, and the reaction was both amazing, and, I 
believe, healthy; surely the more people
are involved in this sort of discussion the more chance there is of 
having some sort of consensus.

If RunRev are presenting themselves as 'open', at least as far as their 
Open Source half is concerned, then
this sort of discussion is necessary; and the thing that is really good 
is that Kevin Miller has become involved.

Certainly, at the risk of sounding mind-bogglingly naive, I had always 
assumed that stuff available on revOnline
was there for the taking; and when I uploaded stuff to the older version 
(now obviated) of revOnline
I didn't bother about any licensing documents on the understanding that 
anybody who wanted could just help themselves to my code and get on with it.

I have also been rather careful about the bits of code that are "mission 
critical" to my commercial product.

Obviously things are not nearly so simple as I fondly imagined.

What precipitated my starting this thread was my spotting, on revOnline, 
a color picker stack that
DOES contain an explicit copyright statement.


> On Thu, Aug 1, 2013 at 2:22 PM, Richmond <richmondmathewson at>wrote:
>> On 08/01/2013 07:34 PM, Mike Kerner wrote:
>>> This is just awful and freudian at the same time.  I did a double-take
>>> when
>>> I read the subject this time, because for a second I thought it was
>>> "revOnline and Open Sores"
>> LOL! The whole thing does look a bit like an Open Sore.
>> Richmond.
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