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On Wed, Jul 31, 2013 at 8:27 PM, Richard Gaskin
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> Dr. Hawkins wrote:

>> As the author of the seminal Economic paper on the subject, I chose
>> "viral" and "public" quite deliberately.

> That's certainly your right, or anyone's right, regardless of any academic
> credentials.

It's also the term used in the literature.

> Just the same, terms like "viral" and "infect" are unnecessarily
> provocative.

I don't think they're provocative so much as descriptive.

>> I also wouldn't release or contribute any code to anything under GPL3
>> (I have under GP2).  The patent gotchas are just to risky.

> What are your patent concerns?

There are some automatic assignments of rights and revocation of
licensuree in the GPL3.  I'm just not risking those in a license with
as much ambiguity as the GPL; I'm not even looking at the specifics
before going far, far away.
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