Probably not an LC issue, but…. DLL woes

David Glasgow david at
Wed Apr 10 06:46:36 EDT 2013

Hello folks,

A customer has reported the following error message (Win 7) on software I released a couple of years back.  Users of this software in double figures and this has never been reported before.

> The program can’t start because CoreVideo.dll is missing’
> ‘The program can’t start because CoreAudioToolbox.dll is missing’

Oddly, it doesn't happen when the standalone launches, but when the user attempts to load an encrypted text file containing only a list of authorised users.  The file is held in a folder contained within the program directory.  It loads successfully, and the program appears to run normally.

I don't make references to DLLs or indeed any multimedia aside from displaying JPGs, so why the complaint?  And what might it be that can't start?  I have sniffed about and can see that these DLLs seem vulnerable to all sorts of problems - but it is still intriguing and puzzling that these particular errors are triggered by an LC standalone loading an encrypted text file.

Best Wishes,

David Glasgow
Carlton Glasgow Partnership


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