versioning folder names

Tiemo Hollmann TB toolbook at
Wed Apr 10 02:43:51 EDT 2013

Hello, I wonder how you are handling the folder and file naming with
different versions of your software on the target machines.

On windows I think it is pretty common, to install every new version in a
new folder with version number, the exe mostly keeps it's name without
version number and additional folders (e.g. for customer files) also get a
version number. In the consequence often the old folder and file structure
stays on the computer, after having installed the new version and it is up
to the user to deinstall the old version manually. Sometimes it is
deinstalled automatically, with installing the new version.

On Mac I don't have enough insight, but it seems to me that it is not usual
to give the folders and apps version numbers in the name, so new versions
just override the old one.

Is there a "should be as" way to handle this, or is everyone eventing his
own wheel? What is the most straight forward method on both platforms?






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