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Pretty sure this follows the HC way, in that "lock screen" commands are queued, and must be unlocked the same number of times they are locked.

You can always throw in:

repeat until the lockScreen is "false"

unlock screen
end repeat

Craig Newman

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Let's say I have a couple of function F1 and F2 that include lock and
unlock screen commands.  These handlers are called one after another from
another function F3 which does not have lock/unlock screen messages.  I'm
assuming that the screen would be unlocked at the end of F1 and F2, meaning
the screen would be updated twice.

Now lets say I have another function F4 which includes its own lock/unlock
screen and also calls F1 and F2.  When F1 unlocks the screen, does that
cancel out the lock screen issued by F4 or does the lock in F4 stay in
place until it is unlocked by F4?

I'm trying to figure out the best strategy for locking/unlocking the
screen.  It feels like the lock/unlock should be in the highest level
function that calls any other functions which update the screen.

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