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Sat Sep 1 22:25:03 CDT 2012

On 9/1/12 5:04 PM, Timothy Miller wrote:

> I'm wondering how to crop the display of an image in an "image area."
> The original is a .jpg or .png saved on the hard disk.

There's a built-in "crop" command, see the dictionary. Basically you 
pass it a rectangle and the image gets cropped to that size.

> Finally, once an image is cropped, does LC offer a way to save the
> altered image? I suppose it could take a screen shot. Is there any
> other way?

No need, the crop command is permanent. There is no "undo", so if you 
make a mistake you'll need to re-import the original image and try again.

BTW, the crop command won't work on referenced images, they must be 
imported into the stack.

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