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I don't see this. The hilited tab holds after navigation. Are you sure something else is not selecting another tab? This spurious selection might not invoke the menuPick handler you are likely using to trap the tabs you click on. 

Craig NEwman

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I used the  tutorial
<>   on
the Tab Panel to set up a simple 3 tab panel navigation among 3 cards.
(Grouped. Behave like a background is ON.) Works well. But, the highlighted
tab (the one shown in the foreground when clicked) does not stay in sync and
often shows the wrong tab highlighted. Is this something I must set
manually? If so, how?

Example of problem:
[ Edit ] [ Play ] [ Help ] tabs each go to cards of the same name as the
tab. But very often, if I click [ Play ]  it will branch to the Play card
but then highlight the [ Edit ] or [ Help ] tab.  

Thanks for your help. (Using Win XP with LC 5.5.2)

Tom Bodine

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