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On 10/31/12 4:35 PM, J. Landman Gay wrote:
> On 10/31/12 10:19 AM, Lars Brehmer wrote:
>> I now know about the on keyboardActivated on keyboardDeactivated
>> handlers, but I can''t figure out how to use it. In some cases I want
>> the app to slide up with the keyboard. I seemed to me that in that
>> handler I should set loc the bottom of the stack to to the top of the
>> keyboard, so I tried setting item 2 in the bottomLeft of the stack to
>> item 2 in the topLeft of the keyboard. But the script editor doesn't
>> accept calling the keyboard "the keyboard." How does one refer to the
>> native keyboard? Or is this aproach just plain wrong?
> The latest release has added "the effective working screenrect" which
> gives you the useable dimensions of the screen when the keyboard is
> showing. The second item in the rect would be the top of the keyboard.

Oops. The fourth item. Sorry.

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