more iOS questions

Lars Brehmer larsbrehmer at
Wed Oct 31 11:19:36 EDT 2012

I am slowly getting there on this first iPad project, but things that should be fairly easy simply aren't for me.

First the keyboard

I now know about the on keyboardActivated on keyboardDeactivated handlers, but I can''t figure out how to use it. In some cases I want the app to slide up with the keyboard. I seemed to me that in that handler I should set loc the bottom of the stack to to the top of the keyboard, so I tried setting item 2 in the bottomLeft of the stack to item 2 in the topLeft of the keyboard. But the script editor doesn't accept calling the keyboard "the keyboard." How does one refer to the native keyboard? Or is this aproach just plain wrong?

Returning to the app from another app

How does one get the app to be suspended and then resumed? Everytime I return to the app its seems to have quit and it restarts. In the liveCode dictionary, suspend and resume don't apply to mobile systems. How is this done?


I couldn't make a native scroller myself, so I tried mobGui. Is it not possible to try before you buy? Because I followed the simple instructions for a native scrolling text field, but on the iPad it made no difference whatsoever. Can't one try mobGui on a device begore you buy it? I plan to buy it, but I'd like to at least see if these things work before I do.



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