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> I see, Richard. You didn't want to make clear that your keyboard isn't
> standard but you were just kidding. OK, I got it.
The special modifier keys are: Shift, Control, Alt, Meta, Hyper and Super.

All keyboards have shift, control and alt.

Meta, Hyper and Super is another history. Usually Windows Key, Apple
Command Key and Sun Meta key are the same and treated as the Super key (and
not the Meta).

I just wish I had a space cadet like keyboard :-D

enough with the keyboard fanatism from me... :D

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> > Yes, it is.
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> > I appreciate the diligence you apply to my posts, but you'll note that I
> replied only to your more general comment about keyboards, referring to the
> key I modded as the Windows key, and didn't address the Control key at all
> since of course you had answered the OP well and I was merely having fun.
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